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How to appeal to candidates in a job advertisement

At a surface level, creating a job ad may seem easy. But, how do you make this ad appeal to securing the best talent and ensuring these candidates follow through with quality production?

Candidates from various industry sectors indicate that job aspects including detail on location, salary and skills required, having clarity of the position, plus information on company culture are part of what constitutes a compelling and successful job advertisement. 

As the old saying goes, “Honesty is the best policy”.  Being honest and transparent are highly sort after qualities by candidates when analysing job advertisements and assessing whether the position is a good fit for them.  Additionally, using simple and direct language. Avoid gimmicks including cliché wording and keep the language simple and balanced. Candidates are becoming savvier and research prospective employers and can tell if they are over-promising.

Top job factors appealing to candidates

With the job market becoming more competitive every day, attracting the right candidates requires a seamless, yet convincing recruitment process. Employers need to understand what motivates the modern candidate. By listening to the needs and desires of such candidates will provide you a leg-up, especially when clients are in-demand and evaluating multiple opportunities. Here are the top 3 job factors appealing to candidates:

Competitive pay and compensation:

Skilled candidates know that they are in demand. This is why a large percentage of candidates actively seeking work, or open to new job opportunities expect an increase in salary before accepting the job. Along with being compensated for their skill sets, candidates want to feel desired and valued by their employer. Compensation is a clear indicator of this value.


Candidates are highly aware of where a job is located when accepting it. The likelihood of a candidate being attracted too, or accepting job opportunities with a good location is quite high. They will also reject job opportunities if the location doesn’t suit them.


In attracting the best candidates, employers must adapt the candidates’ need for flexibility in the workplace, including a work-life balance. This doesn’t mean giving them more time off. It is the smaller thing you can offer that makes them feel like their work is valued and will be rewarded for the work they do. For example, candidates are more attracted to opportunities that offer flexible hours, which allow them to spend time focusing on their families, plus social and leisure activities.

Recipe for success

There is no secret in appealing to prospective candidates. The key to success is making a good first impression, as candidates will engage with your ad within the first 10 seconds. Be sure too:

1. Include a job title and short summary that contains action words

Candidates like job ads that have meaning and avoid fluffy and complex wording. The job title is what draws the candidates in.

2. Develop a clear communication style

Be succinct and use the right amount of words that will help candidates understand the role.  With too less information provided toward the candidate, there is not enough detail for them to make an informed decision

3. Avoid making the ad too verbose

Candidates are not interested in extensive detail. Having an ad that is too verbose leads to negative ramifications including how they appear and received or engaged by candidates.

When creating a job ad, you only have a short time to make a connection. Make this process as easy and seamless as possible for relevant candidates you wish to connect with. At the end of the day, you want to make sure that you attracting the right types of candidates and securing the best talent. Focusing on these job factors and incorporating these within your job ad, finding candidates will be a breeze.

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